Fiddlesticks Farm

For some Fall family fun for everyone, pay a visit to Fiddlesticks Farm in Midland, TX. Located east of the city of Midland, Fiddlesticks Farm has a variety of attractions to keep visitors of all ages engaged and entertained. Come on down to crawl all over the giant spider web or watch one of the lively pig races included with admission.

Fiddlesticks Farm is only open in September, October, and November, but that does not mean there is a shortage of the amount of fun that is to be had. Play some tetherball with your family and friends or take them to pick a pumpkin from the Fiddlesticks Farm pumpkin patch. There is also a sandbox to get your hands dirty in and plenty of props to take photos with. Take a fun-filled hayride or explore the corn maze to add a little adventure to your life. You can also jump in the hay or on the giant jumping pillow that will propel you into the air for a fun filled day.

Some more interactive things to do at the farm include a tater sack slide, a shooting gallery, and an apple blaster. The farm also offers group discounts when you bring a group of 10 or more. Another option for a fun-filled adventure is an opportunity to reserve a campfire. With 16 campfire sites to choose from, you are sure to have a great time. What other time is better to start a campfire than during the cool months of Fall?

Nervous at the thought of starting your own fire? No worries! When you reserve a campfire area at Fiddlesticks Farm, the fire is lit for you and your convenience and you can stay for as long as three hours. Enough seating is provided for either eight children or 10 adults at the five foot long picnic tables located at the campfire sites. Bring in your own snacks or purchase them at Fiddlesticks Farm’s Watering Hole. Remember to properly dispose of all your trash.

With seven acres of cornfield including a maze and 10 acres of pumpkin patch space, there is not a chance you will get bored at Fiddlesticks Farm. The design and paths of the corn maze are changed up every year, but they do keep 3 the same. There are different phases and the first phase takes about 30 minutes to complete whereas the second is a nice 15 minute stroll. If you need, you can get a passport to help guide you through the maze. If you get really lost, the farm employs “Corn Cops” to help rescue you from the maze. The third phase is the farm’s “Fairy Tale Trail” that features storyboards so the little ones can remain entertained.

If you don’t want to leave the farm without a pumpkin, make sure to visit the pumpkin patch to pick one of your very own. The farm raises 15 different varieties of pumpkins ranging in colors from orange to white to green and yellow, there is no doubt you’ll find one that you love.
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